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About the Program

Zoorefugio tarqui was created in 2008 by Willian López and Fanny Bonilla, with the main objective to help the animals that are victims of the illegal trafficking, we take care of them and provide what is necessary to improve their quality of life.

Volunteer help is really important for all the animals, as we do not receive funds from the government, it is a hard work but it is wonderful to care of them, we need help of people that love animals and do not mind to get hands dirty, volunteers help is needed all the year.

Volunteers’ activities are from cleaning enclosures, paths, until feed the animals, caring the animals in quarantine (arrived animals, or baby animals), and work in enrichment area.

You will learn about Ecuadorian culture, share with locals, learn new skills, and learn Spanish in a natural way.

Our preservation work is achieved through 3 processes, education, recreation and research. In these 3 areas we cover key issues such as illegal trafficking of animals. We often receive animals that have been the victim of trafficking or similar illegal activities, upon receiving such individuals we try to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild when possible. However the sad fact is that this is not always possible so some individuals remain with us at our zoo, we endeavour to provide these animals with an environment as similar to their natural habitat as possible. It is our excellent work with such animals that has lead other rescue centres to send us animals they receive and cannot care for, as well as receiving many illegally kept animals seized by the Ministry of Environment. Be a volunteer in our Refuge!

Let’s join us

The Location

Located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin we are not only a refuge for orphaned and rescued animals for but we also help to preserve the Amazonian wildlife. Zoorefugio Tarqui is located in the Amazon, in the small town of Tarqui. The city is calm and safe, and its people are friendly. It is surrounded by three indigenous communities.In the Amazon, the weather runs from brilliantly sunny to downright wet (it is the rainforest), so we recommend raingear and layering work clothes, also boots and a flashlight.

What you can expect

By volunteering at our zoo you will have a once in a life time opportunity to work with our various big cats including Jaguars, Ocelots and our Puma family. As well as big cats we also have and offer you the opportunity to work closely with capuchin, spider and woolly monkeys, macaws, peccaries, and tapirs as well as many more animals.

Resources are SCARCE as we do not receive any funding from the government or any other organisation, so your contributions are vital to help us save the local wildlife and improve the life of our resident animals.
Keep the room and the bathroom clean, so change trash bag when it is necessary, keep the communal area in the house clean. In addition, ask Fanny about trash bags, and material to clean.
Put the trash away
When the trash is full carry to the big dump located in the entrance of the Zoo.
The fee is paid before the volunteers ‘arrival.
In your free day the food is not our responsibility
Be respectful with the others, do not be noisy when the others are resting or sleeping.
Be on time for the meals and for the work.
Breakfast 7-7:30 am. It is prepared for each volunteer
Lunch time at 12:00 -12:30 pm. It is prepared by a cooker.
Dinner at 6-7:00 pm. It is prepared by the cooker.
After the meals wash your crockery.
After the breakfast there is a meeting with the coordinator or zookeeper to organize the daily activities.
Put the stuff away.
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If any inconvenience with another volunteer first tell Fanny, not act for yourself.
Always lock the doors.
If there is not pure water, bring the empty bottle and fill with new water.
Any inconvenience with water, electricity or others, tell  Willian.
Take care of your stuff, especially if you are leaving to Puyo at night the Zoorefugio  is not responsible for the lost stuff.In your free day the food is not our responsibility
Do not smoke near the animals or people, in Ecuador is not allowed to smoke in  public places.
Do not drink alcohol, or use drugs in the zoo and in the house. (use drugs is illegal  in Ecuador)
Do not take the food of the animals.
Do not take unknown people or friends to the volunteer’s house (house is just for volunteers)
Dinner at 6-7:00 pm. It is prepared by the cooker.
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Step on the disinfectant container (pediluvio) before to enter in the quarantine.
Check the notebook of quarantine, and write observations and suggestions (very useful in weekends), if there is some doubt, ask for Silvia vet.
Feeding, and change the water of the animals and clean the enclosures every day.
Cleaning the floor with water (morning and afternoon) and disinfectant (afternoon).
Check the trash or rubbish if it´s full or smell a lot of, change it and carry the trash to the main dump in the entrance of the zoo.
When a cage is emptied, we have to disinfect it.
Deep cleaning on Wednesdays, with chloro or disinfectant on the floor.
Do not be noisy
Before to enter, wash your boots and step on the pediluvio (area with disinfectant)
Prepare the diets as it written on the board.
Use the right recipients to feed each animal. The trash buckets only works like rubbish, NEVER USE TO FEED SOME ANIMAL, also no use feed bucket to pick trash.
When the feeding time is finish please clean the nutrition area with water and sweep.
Every Wednesday or Thursday deep cleaning of this area.
Take the trash to the main dump in the entrance of the restaurant.
The fruits from the nutrition area are just for animal’s nutrition. But if your diet requires fruit you can get it in the town.
Put the materials that you used in the right order.
Do not be trustful with the animals, always be alert.
Do not realize hard movements.
Do not be noisy.
Put the food in the feeding area.
Always lock the doors.
Check the water. (do not forget the top open)
On Tuesday deep cleaning for all the cages.
Close the door well.
The area of felines will be done by personnel from the zoo.
If you are hurt please tell Fanny or a zoo keeper to get help.


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